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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research

Innovation is an important source of economic growth. However, it can entail high economic and social costs. In the economics department at the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, a team of researchers focuses on issues in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. Its objective is to investigate the determinants, outcomes and implications of innovation and entrepreneurship processes.

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Field of Research
IPR Systems, Innovation and Competition


Field of Research
Science, Research and Innovation Policies


Governments try to generate benefits for their citizens through measures of science, research and innovation policies. The research at the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition tracks these developments and analyzes particular policies and instruments. It is taken into account that innovation processes are also shaped by national and regional characteristics, e.g., by the general acceptance of change, the propensity to take risk, and cultural and institutional factors that have an impact on the interactions of actors in innovation processes and thus on the results of such processes. 

Field of Research
Innovation Management


Field of Research
Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Field of Research
Innovation Motives and Behavior