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Conference  |  06/23/2017  —  06/25/2017

World Youth Forum

World Forum for Ethics in Business (WFEB), Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition

Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, Munich, Room E10

The “Ethics in Innovation Conference 2017” (06/26 – 06/27/2017) will see selected students and young professionals leading a session on “Call of the Youth”. The participating youth leaders will have an opportunity to undergo holistic leadership training along with interactions with global leaders three days prior to the conference at the ”World Youth Forum” ( Over 350 youth leaders from more than 30 countries have already participated in the World Youth Forum in the past few years. For this year, almost 200 students from across the globe have already applied and the deadline has been extended till 30th May. The Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition will announce its top 50 selected candidates on 1st June.

The fundamental research projects associated with the World Youth Forum 2017 is designed to engage the student-participants of the World Youth Forum in a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural discussion to consider three questions that are of significant concern in our increasingly diverse, 21st century global village:

  1. how individuals from different cultures, countries and educational background understand the terms ‘ethics’ and ‘innovation’ (e.g. through case studies);
  2. what, in their opinion, constitutes an ‘ethical innovation’, including whether a re-assessment is necessary of the manner in which the term ‘innovation’ as currently defined and understood (for e.g. in various global innovation indices) is culturally, socially and economically inclusive; and
  3. how existing laws, policies and practices can/should be modified to promote ‘ethical innovations’.

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