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Research Stay

The Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition provides support for the research of visiting scholars and doctoral candidates by means of two programs: one with financial assistance and one without.

150 guests and young researchers from within Germany and around the globe come to take advantage of the Institute’s facilities each year. During their visit, researchers are provided with a workspace in the library or in an office and full access to the library, whose holdings are unparalleled for international orientation and comprehensiveness.

The programs are available to doctoral candidates, post-docs, graduates and researchers at a later stage of their career.

Financial assistance for visits to the Institute
The Institute supports research projects of German and international scholars and doctoral candidates for up to 6 months in the form of scholarships through its own guest program. Other types of assistance exist as well; a follow-up scholarship is possible.

Applications are prioritized as follows:
Priority 1 – Research proposal within an area of emphasis
The Institute defines its main areas of research for periods of several years. Within these main areas, the orientation of individual research projects can be freely defined.

Priority 2 – Independent research proposal
Subject to availability of funds, other research projects may be supported as well, provided these have a close enough link to the Institute’s main research topics.

Application Form and Materials
An application is only possible via the electronic application form (please enable pop-ups). Instructions for using the electronic application form

The following materials are required for a complete application; they can be uploaded along with the electronic application form:
- Curriculum vitae/résumé 
- Diplomas (especially college/university level)
- Two letters of recommendation (For doctoral candidates with supervisors outside the Institute, one of these letters must be from the doctoral supervisor.)
- A detailed project description (5–10 pages, including outline, bibliography and time plan)
- Photo

Should you have any problems opening or printing out the PDF application form, please send an e-mail to: Stipendienstelle(at)

Please send any documents not available in electronic form to the Institute by post:
Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition

Personnel Office

Marstallplatz 1

80539 Munich, Germany

General Important Information
Your stay at the Institute should yield at least one scholarly publication. Your application should be submitted in full at least three months before the beginning of your stay/scholarship. Only complete applications will be considered. If despite a reminder your application is not complete after eight weeks it will be rejected.

Important Information for Doctoral Candidates
If you are already working on your doctoral degree, you must submit written proof of admission as a doctoral candidate from your home Institution.

If you want to do a doctorate, but you are not yet registered as a doctoral student, please note: The Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition is a research institute and not a university institute. For this reason it cannot grant academic degrees and does not have the right to award a doctorate. You can only earn a doctorate in Munich at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) subject to strict admission requirements (e.g. a language test).

For more information please contact the office responsible for master/doctoral admissions at the LMU.

Portal for doctoral candidates in the Max Planck Society: PhDnet

For further questions concerning the application process or the electronic application form please send an e-mail to Eva-Marina Bastian or Sylvia Kortuem

Visits without financial support

We will be happy to help you to plan your stay at the Institute. To request information, please send a short description of your research project and your CV to mailto:gaeste(at)

Please allow one to two weeks for a reply to your query. Thank you for your understanding.