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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research

Distance and the Timing of Licensing

This research project studies the effect of geographical distance between the contracting parties on the timing of licensing deals. Excessive delays in technology transactions undermine the efficiency arguments of the markets for patents. They lead to longer commercialization delays, reduce the overall value of the transactions and increase the risk of duplicate R&D efforts. In today’s globalized innovation landscape, intangible goods such as technological knowledge should not be affected by local characteristics. In this project, insights from transaction cost theory are used to show that geographical distance between the contracting parties induces frictions on the markets for technology, which leads to longer transaction delays.


Beteiligte Forschende

Laurie Ciaramella, Ph.D. (MPI und Télécom ParisTech),
Prof. Gaétan de Rassenfosse, Ph.D. (EPFL)