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Competition Structure of IP Market – Analytical Framework for Assessment

The research is about the analytical framework for the assessment of competition structure in IP market, including the size and infrastructure, the Basic structure, the competition behaviors and status of the IP market, the criteria to determine anticompetitive conducts and their interaction.

Last Update: 01.08.13

The demand characteristic and nature of competition in IP market is totally different from the traditional one in terms of the structural changes that it brings which focus more on knowledge, networking and innovation. The analytic approaches of mainstream competition policy are really up to the task of properly understanding and analyzing interrelationship among the market structure, the competitive behaviors and the performance in the IP market.

This research tries to establish an analytic framework for the competition structure of IP market. The analytic framework will include the following component.

1. To establish a theoretical framework to analyze the basic structure of IP market, including the definition of IP market, the position of parties, entry barriers, maturity of the market, and other factors in IP market.

2. To find out the various competitive behaviors in IP market and the interaction among the market structure, the firm’s competitive behaviors and performance.

3. To figure out the criteria to evaluate whether a conduct is competitive or anticompetitive in IP market.

4. Try to apply the theoretical analytical framework to a few large scale survey projects to analyze the competition status of IP market when got back to China.

This resarch includes following parts. Part 1 gives an overall introduction. Part 2 describes the infrastructure of IP market, includes basic condition and institutional infrastructure. Part 3 examines the basic structure of IP market. Part 4 sorts out the competitive behaviors in IP market used by rivals. Part 5 deals with how to evaluate the performance of competition in IP market. Part 6 tackles with the criteria to determine whether a conduct is anticompetitive. Part 7 explores the feedback effect among the infrastructure, basic structure, competitive behaviors and performance in IP market. Part 8 concludes.


Doctoral Student

Dong Tao

Doctoral Supervisor

Prof Dr. Zheng Chengsi

Main Areas of Research