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Pharmaceutical Mergers and their Effect on Access and Efficiency: A Case of Emerging Markets

The research in this paper looks into the issues of access and efficiency brought to the fore as a result of pharmaceutical mergers and acquisitions in emerging markets. The research also analyses the nature of competition law in emerging markets.

Last Update: 19.04.16

Pharmaceutical M&As in emerging markets may jeopardize cheap access to generics. This may be a motivation for policy makers to use competition law as a tool to deter cross-border M&As. Additionally, while M&As in the pharmaceutical sector may give rise to certain efficiencies, it is not clear how efficiencies will be treated in the peculiar socio-economic context of emerging markets. This paper develops a theoretical framework that argues that the application of competition law is guided by sector-specific socio-economic realities and institutional realities of the jurisdiction. Thereafter, it employs this framework to analyze the issues of access to generics and efficiencies of production.



Doctoral Student

Vikas Kathuria


Dr. Mark-Oliver Mackenrodt

Doctoral Supervisor

Dr. Pierre Larouche

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