Immaterialgüter- und Wettbewerbsrecht

Protecting Personality Rights of Local and Indigenous Communities: a Case Study of the Maasai

Premised on the rights of Indigenous Peoples in international law, this study builds a case for reconstruction of personality rights law to protect collective rights. Taking the Maasai as a case study, the study surveys general human rights principles, intellectual property law tenets and cultural anthropology to argue for protection of collective rights.

Last Update: 01.04.11

Personality rights are a blend of moral and property rights in personal indicia falling in the realm of private law. It is a Continental European concept falling in the realm of private law. This research makes an inquiry as to whether there is a collective right of personality. It argues that recognition of collective rights in international human rights law, the concept of corporate personality rights for businesses in Germany and collective intellectual property rights such as group trademarks and geographical indications are a starting point for building a corpus of law to protect collective personality rights of local and indigenous communities.


Doctoral Student

Eliamani Isaya Laltaika


Adj. Prof. Dr. Silke von Lewinski

Doctoral Supervisor

Prof. Dr. Ansgar Ohly

Main Areas of Research

Funktionen, Zielsetzungen, Werte und Wertungskriterien