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Presentation  |  01/18/2018  |  06:30 PM

MIPLC Lecture Series: International Data Transfers and the Nexus Between Data Protection/Privacy & Trademark Law

06:30 - 08:00 p.m., Ray Thomas, Jr. (IBM), Mikołaj Rogowski (Intel)

This lecture will cover the intersection of data protection/privacy and trademarks, with a particular focus on the adverse effects that international data transfers have on brands.
Trademarks/brands are symbols that embody goodwill (e.g., the ability to attract and retain customers). As data is wildly labeled as the “new oil”, doubts regarding the security of personal data seem to be on everyone’s minds. Naturally, failures to prevent infringements of the individual’s right to privacy result in immeasurable brand damage and irreparable reputational harm, which lead to the loss of customers’ trust. Accordingly, this lecture will include a discussion on why international trademark/brand owners should be particularly aware of the legal rules governing data transfers outside of the European Economic Area. In particular, we will discuss the recent developments in the substance, proactive information governance strategies for taming “big data”, and the requirement to secure the “crown jewels” of the enterprise.

If you plan on attending, we kindly request that you register with Ms. Rosanna Würf  by Monday, 15 January 2018.