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Every three years, the Institute presents a detailed report to the boards and the general public on research results achieved and provides insights into the future direction of its research. This year, the report has been edited as an ePaper for the first time. Browse directly through many exciting projects, click through to numerous publications and events, and learn more about many areas of the Institute.

We wish you a relaxing summer break respectively productive research time!
Activity Report 2018 - 2020 as ePaper

The identification of standard-essential patents (SEPs) poses a considerable challenge for scholars, practitioners, and policymakers. A new study introduces a semantics-based approach to evaluate the claimed standard essentiality of declared patents.

EU-Siegel Protected Geographical Indication and Protected Designation of Origin

Since the effects of Geographical Indications (GIs) have not been sufficiently researched so far, the Institute launched a GI Initiative in 2018. Since then, a Research Group has been investigating different approaches to the protection of GIs in the European Union and in Latin American countries.


In a new statement, the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina presents an analysis of the economic and sociopolitical situation in Germany in the face of novel challenges posed by the pandemic and derives possible courses of action to cope with the upcoming structural change. Dietmar Harhoff contributed as an expert and addressed questions pertaining to the structural change and economic growth as well as the performance of public organizations. More
In Brief

#RISE4workshop + + +  The Call for Papers for the 4th Research on Innovation, Science and Entrepreneurship Workshop is open until 30 September 2021.

The gender gap in knowledge-intensive jobs is an important topic on the research agenda of the Institute. We study behavioral factors that contribute to different manifestations of the gender gap, document gender disparities in certain occupations, and test potential solutions. In this contribution to the collected edition Fundamental Questions – Gender Dimensions in Max Planck Research Projects, the authors focus on the gender gap in the inventive profession, in entrepreneurship, and academia.

Laura A. Bechthold, Marina Chugunova, Svenja Friess, Karin Hoisl, Michael E. Rose (2021)
Women in Creative Labor: Inventors, Entrepreneurs and Academics
Nomos, Baden-Baden
Event Report
On 9 July 2021 this year’s Alumni Conference was held on the topic “New Directions in the European Union’s Innovation Policy?”. In two panels with four keynotes, the participants discussed questions of competition and IP policy of the European Union from an interdisciplinary perspective.
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