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Newsletter #4

Fall 2019

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10 Years

The regional court Munich I is one of only 12 German courts responsible for so-called patent matters. For the past ten years, the „Münchner Verfahren“ (Munich Proceedings in Patent Litigation) has been an important factor for Munich as a patent location. The Max Planck Institute will now carry out an evaluation of the procedure. More
A Research Group of the Institute’s legal departments is investigating the effects of Artificial Intelligence on Intellectual Property Law. A concise Q&A document with 10 questions and 10 answers examines technical aspects of Artificial Intelligence with potential relevance for IP law. More
Technical Aspects of Artificial Intelligence from an IP Perspective
Identity Valley: Digital Revolution Needs Digital Responsibility

The Identity Valley Initiative is a European reaction to the dominance of the American Silicon Valley bringing together business, science and society to protect personal identity while still enabling digital innovation. Dietmar Harhoff supports the initiative as member of an expert commission. More

What has long been practiced at the Institute has now found a place on the website: The new Equal Opportunities website provides information on how the Institute supports its employees, especially women, in balancing career and family as well as creating and using networks. It also shows that diversity and gender equality are an integral part of everyday life at the Institute. Moreover, the webpage enables external scientists and young researchers both from Germany and abroad who are planning their careers to quickly get information and decide on the Institute. To the new Equal Opportunities Webpage
Equal Opportunities Webpage
RISE2 Workshop
On 16 and 17 December 2019, the second Research in Innovation, Science and Entrepreneurship Workshop (RISE) will take place at the Institute. The program of the RISE2 Workshop 2019 is now available. The participants can look forward to exciting topics and inspiring scientific exchange. More
Artificial Intelligence & Intellectual Property Conference: IP Law and AI Technologies
On 28 and 29 November the “Artificial Intelligence & Intellectual Property Conference” will take place in Singapore. The event, organized by the School of Law of the Singapore Management University (SMU) together with the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition and the Law Faculty of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), brings together academics, policy makers, lawyers and practitioners. The program focuses on the immediate legal impact of AI in different countries. The conference will discuss not only theoretical approaches, but also the implementation of new technology-oriented laws and guidelines for regulators considering an amendment to their IP laws. More

Women are different, but not necessarily worse off: A new Max Planck study by Frank Mueller-Langer, Affiliated Research Fellow at the Institute, and his co-author Estrella Gómez-Herrera, Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, shows that online labor markets could help female workers to obtain a higher expected income.

Estrella Gómez-Herrera, Frank Mueller-Langer
Is There a Gender Wage Gap in Online Labor Markets? Evidence From Over 250,000 Projects and 2.5 Million Wage Bill Proposals
Max Planck Institute for Innovation & Competition Research Paper, No. 19-07
New Study on Gender Wage Gaps – Opportunities in Growing Online Labor Markets

The term “data journalism“ covers research approaches as well as forms of publication with a focus on data sets. Data from the public sector is a valuable resource in this context. However, this sector can instrumentalize the data transfer in order to influence public opinion with a broad and subtle effect. The article discusses legal principles for information from the public sector on the basis of which the plurality of opinions in an increasingly data-driven society can be guaranteed.
Public Sector Information as Raw Material for Data Journalism
Heiko Richter
Informationen der öffentlichen Hand als Rohstoff für den Datenjournalismus: Rechtliche Gestaltungsprinzipien zum Erhalt der Meinungsvielfalt
UFITA, 83 (1), 196-237
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