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Our Catalogue
The combined catalogue of the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition and the Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance shows the literature that is available on site.

Here, you will find all of the journals and books available at the library. In addition to location information, you will obtain extra information as to whether a book is checked out, was just ordered or is still in processing. You can also look up e-books in our catalogue. Those e-books are almost always freely available on the internet (Open Access), and are indicated by a green point in the hit list.

Our catalogue does not list articles in periodicals. However, you can find contributions in commemorations (Festschriften) and collected editions by searching the tables of contents.

Newly arrived books are listed in the “new acquisitions list” on a monthly basis. Our Catalogue

Catalogues of other Max Planck Institutes
The collections of other Max Planck Institutes with a legal or economic orientation are compiled in their own library catalogues. Should you find a needed title there, it may potentially be borrowed short-term from another Institute, or you may send us an acquisition request.
Catalogues of other Max-Planck-Institutes

Catalogue of the Bavarian Library Association (Bibliotheksverbund Bayern – BVB)
“Gateway Bayern” lists all media located in over 150 primarily academic libraries. All available media of the Bavarian State Library (Bayerische Staatsbibliothek) is also listed here. If you are unable to locate an urgently needed book in our library, you may borrow it from the Bavarian State Library. In addition, you may send us an acquisition request.
Catalogue of the Bavarian Library Association (Bibliotheksverbund Bayern – BVB)
Karlsruhe Virtual Catalogue – KVK
The Karlsruhe Virtual Catalogue (KVK) allows for a simultaneous search (metasearch) of numerous library collections and booksellers’ catalogues worldwide, and lists over 500 million books and periodicals.
Karlsruhe Virtual Catalogue – KVK

WorldCat lists the titles of over 10,000 libraries in various languages from all countries around the world, and is thereby the world’s largest bibliographic collection database.  


Important Databases 
The following important databases have been licensed for the Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance and the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition:

• Beck-online
• Ebsco Business Source Premier
• Elsevier ScienceDirect
• HeinOnline
• JStor
• Jurion
• Juris
• KluwerCompetitionLaw
• LexisNexis
• Making of Modern Law
• Source OECD
• Springer Link
• Westlaw International
• WISO Economics

Licensed databases may only be used within the IP address area of the Institute. Detailed information on the individual databases and access is offered by the database sites DBIS or MPG.ReNa.

Database Sites
DBIS – Database Information System
This cooperatively managed administration system makes it possible to quickly find academic databases. Currently, there are approx. 9,000 databases listed, of which around one third are freely available.

You can find databases under “Search According to Database”.
The subject overview makes it possible for you to acquire an overview of databases according to the specific subject.

Similar to the electronic journals library (EZB), access rights are listed according to the traffic signal method:

Free in the internet
Licensed access
C CD-Rom server in the Institute's network
D Accessible Germany-wide (DFG-promoted national license)

DBIS – Database Information System

MPG.ReNa – MPG Resource Navigator
MPG Resource Navigator is a web application to navigate through scientific information resources available to staff and guests of the Max Planck Society.

It includes licensed databases, digital collections, and reference works. In addition, recommandable retrieval tools available on the web free of charge are part of the collection. Moreover, almost all Max Planck Institute library catalogs, as well as selected external ones, are accessible from here. Click here for additional Information, contents and search possibilities.
MPG.ReNa – MPG Resource Navigator  

Virtual special libraries

Virtual special libraries contain academically relevant information in various subject areas. As opposed to searches in Google, virtual special libraries offer in-depth searches of academic resources, which have been previously selected by information specialists.

ViFa Recht - Virtual Law Library
The Virtual Law Library is an instrument for online law searches which offers location-independent and easy access to topical information in the area of law on the internet – independent of media type and location.

The search results include internet sources, full texts, books, articles, professional journals, databases and bibliographies. Of particular interest here are searches for articles. Searches in the Online Contents Law of the Joint Library Association (Gemeinsamen Bibliotheksverbundes), with its 1.2 million article references draws on the largest database by far.

EconBiz - Virtual Library for Economics and Business Studies
EconBiz, the virtual special library for economics is available through a cooperation between the German Central Library for Economics (ZBW) and the University and City Library of Cologne (USB Köln).

The objective is to provide a central access point for all types of academic information on economics and to offer access to full texts. EconBiz offers searches for relevant economics publications regardless of media type and location.
EconBiz – Virtual Library for Economic and Business Studies


Open Access

Open Access in the Max Planck Society
Open Access describes the free access to academic literature and other materials on the internet. Publishing an academic paper under Open Access conditions grants everyone permission to read, download, save, link and print the text and use it free of charge. Further, through open licenses, additional rights may be granted, which permit free subsequent use, copying, distribution and also modification of the document.

The Max Planck Society, as initiator of the “Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities”, committed itself early on to the principles of Open Access. You can find more detailed information on Open Access in the Max Planck Society here.

The following services provide an initial step into the field of Open Access publications. This is only a small selection of offerings. You will find more extensive information on Open Access and subject-specific content on the information site

Open Access at the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition
The Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition pursues a multifaceted open access strategy. Details can be found here.


OAIster allows searches for many millions of electronic documents, which are archived under Open Access criteria for usage on document servers. OAIster harvests the publications on these document servers.

OAIster was developed at the University of Michigan in 2002 and since 2009 has been further developed and managed in cooperation with OCLC.

DissOnline allows searches for online dissertations and post-doctoral theses (Habilitationen), which are listed, archived and accessible through the German and Swiss national libraries.
In addition to this, detailed technical and juristic information surrounding the topic of the online publication of university works is available here.

SSRN – Social Science Research Network
SSRN works together with over 700 international academic journals and research institutions. Abstracts of not yet published academic articles or research results may be viewed here.
In addition to abstracts, in many cases access to electronic full texts is also available.
SSRN – Social Science Research Network

MPG.PuRe – Publication Data Management
MPG.PuRe serves the publishing and administration of publication data in the area of research and service, and thereby covers traditional publication types, grey literature as well as supplementary material. It is an offering of the Max Planck Society (MPS) for all current (permanent and temporary) and former MPS employees in order to
•    increase visibility, access and subsequent usage of publications of employees in accordance with Open Access criteria
•    support scholars and Institutes with verification and reporting tasks
•    ensure the long-term backup of publication data

MPG.PuRe is an application based on the MPS’s eSciDoc infrastructure. Its modular construction makes possible further development of its functionality, in particular regarding national and international standardisation work as well as integration with other systems both within and outside the MPS. Publication data published via MPG.PuRe can and should be used by other MPS internal and external systems.
MPG.PuRe - Publikationsdaten Management