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Intellectual Property and Competition Law

Journal articles

Vikas KathuriaExclusionary conduct in data-driven markets: limitations of data sharing remedy Journal of Antitrust Enforcement 2020, 09.01.2020 (gemeinsam mit Jure Globocnik).

Research Papers

Josef DrexlTechnical Aspects of Artificial Intelligence: An Understanding from an Intellectual Property Law Perspective (Max Planck Institute for Innovation & Competition Research Paper, No. 19-13), 2019, 15 S. (gemeinsam mit Reto M. Hilty et al.).

Journal articles

Heiko RichterInformationen der öffentlichen Hand als Rohstoff für den Datenjournalismus. Rechtliche Gestaltungsprinzipien zum Erhalt der Meinungsvielfalt UFITA 2019,1 (2019), 196 - 237.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research

Articles in Refereed Journals

Hornuf, Lars; Brandl, Barbara (2020). Where Did Fintechs Come From, and Where Do They Go? The Transformation of the Financial Industry in Germany After Digitalization Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence in Finance) 2020, forthcoming.

Further Publications, Press Articles, Interviews

Poege, Felix; Harhoff, Dietmar; Gaessler, Fabian; Baruffaldi, Stefano Horst (2020). Excellence Breeds Invention. The Most Highly Cited Papers Feature in the Most Valuable Patents, Research Europe (510), 11.

Articles in Refereed Journals

Higgins, Matthew John; Lacombe, Donald; Sell, Briana; Young, Andrew (2020). Evaluating the Effects of Small Business Administration Lending on Growth Small Business Economics 2020, forthcoming.