Intellectual Property and Competition Law

Contributions to handbooks

Michele Finck Information Management in: Peter Cane, Eric Ip, Peter Lindseth (Hg.), Oxford Handbook of Comparative Administrative Law, Oxford University Press, Oxford 2020, forthcoming.


Heiko Richter Stellungnahme zum Regierungsentwurf vom 23. Januar 2019 für ein Thüringer Transparenzgesetz 2019, 15 S. (gemeinsam mit Reto M. Hilty).

Researcher Papers

Jörg Hoffmann EU-Merger Control in Big Data-Related Mergers (Max Planck Institute for Innovation & Competition Research Paper, No. 19-05), 2019, 74 S. (gemeinsam mit Germán Oscar Johannsen).


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research

Discussion Papers

Poege, Felix; Harhoff, Dietmar; Gaessler, Fabian; Baruffaldi, Stefano Horst (2019). Science Quality and the Value of Inventions. Ithaca, New York: Cornell University.

Discussion Papers

Baruffaldi, Stefano Horst; Poege, Felix (2019). A Firm Scientific Community, DRUID19 4936. Copenhagen: Copenhagen Business School.

Articles in Refereed Journals

Batista, Pedro Henrique D.; Byrski, Dennis; Lamping, Matthias; Romandini, Roberto (2019). IP-Based Incentives Against Antimicrobial Crisis: A European Perspective IIC - international review of intellectual property and competition law 2019.