Interdisciplinary Research

The expansion of the Institute with an economics department in 2013 opened up entirely new research possibilities. The resulting synergies have proven again and again to provide a fundamental benefit for the multifaceted topics researched at the Institute. In order to ensure the success of the cooperation between the legal and economics departments, a continual process is required considering their different methodical approaches and areas of interest. The Institute promotes this process very consciously, for example, through regular joint strategy meetings.

Our aspiration for cross-disciplinary cooperation means that interdisciplinary research does not take place apart from the research activities of the individual disciplines. The topics which are suitable for cooperation always have a stronger reference to the one or the other discipline. This reference can be more or less pronounced, but reveals an added value with respect to strictly disciplinary research. The emphasis of a particular project will ultimately always be closer to legal or economic research. The structure of the website follows this principle.