Award  |  09/24/2020

EPIP 2020 Young Scholar Award for Niccolò Galli

On 10 September 2020, Niccolò Galli was awarded the EPIP Young Scholar Award in the category Law. He received the prize for his submitted paper on Patent Aggregation in Europe.

Niccolò Galli, doctoral student at the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, won the EPIP 2020 Young Scholar Award gewonnen
Niccolò Galli won the EPIP 2020 Young Scholar Award, photo: EPIP
EPIP 2020 Young Scholar Award Law Finalists Niccolò Galli, Tamar Khuchua, Maurizio Crupi
The Finalists in the category Law: Niccolò Galli (top right) with Tamar Khuchua (top center) and Maurizio Crupi (bottom left), photo: EPIP

The doctoral student, who is receiving support from the Institute as part of the EIPIN – Innovation Society European Joint Doctorate project, won the Award for his paper “Patent Aggregation in Europe: The Spotlight on Patent Licensing by Patent Aggregators”. It was judged the best legal paper submitted by a PhD researcher to the EPIP (European Policy for Intellectual Property) 2020 annual conference.

In his paper, he investigates patent licensing as a prominent patent aggregation activity from both legal and empirical stances. At the core, he analyses the licensing business of patent aggregators using a multiple case study based on triangulated direct and secondary data sources. His findings bring transparency to the otherwise nebulous licensing activities of patent aggregators and provide an informational basis for academic and political debates on patent aggregation.

EPIP is an international, independent, interdisciplinary, non-profit association of researchers that grew out of a network financed by the European Commission from 2003 to 2005. Every year, the EPIP conference gathers from all over the world scholars and practitioners interested in the economic, legal, political and managerial aspects of intellectual property rights.

During the gathering, which this year took place as an online conference, the EPIP Association awards two Young Scholar Awards for the best papers submitted by PhD students in law and economics/management. The EPIP Board evaluates submissions that have qualified in the general conference peer-review process.