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Scientific Support Offers for Ukrainians: Determinants, Reasons and Consequences

Rose, Michael; Jurikova, Katarina; Pelepets, Marina; Slivko, Olga; Yereshko, Julia (2024). Scientific Support Offers for Ukrainians: Determinants, Reasons and ConsequencesMax Planck Institute for Innovation & Competition Research Paper No. 24-01.

In response to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the global scientific community spontaneously initiated a range of support offers for displaced Ukrainian scientists. This study aims to assess the adequacy of these support mechanisms in meeting the specific needs of Ukrainian scientists. Utilizing a comprehensive survey of registered potential hosts for Ukrainian scientists, our research quantifies the demand for various support types, such as financial assistance, scholarships, and resource access, and explores the motivations behind these offers.

Our key findings reveal a higher demand for scholarships compared to other support types, and a high demand for offers related to the social sciences and humanities. Interestingly, no clear preference for support based on the host country emerged, indicating that immediate support and safety were prioritized over long-term career prospects. We speculate about the reasons behind the demand factors, such as preference for flexibility over long-term commitment, a higher share of social scientists and humanists among scientists able to leave, a higher share of English speakers among social scientists and humanists, and adverse funding shocks.

The implications of our research are significant for policymakers and academic institutions in designing effective support programs for scientists in crisis situations. The findings highlight the importance of flexible financial aid and a nuanced understanding of the varied needs within the scientific community. This study contributes to the academic discourse on the dynamics of academic support in geopolitical crises and underscores the necessity for a comprehensive, empathetic approach to aiding displaced scientists.

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