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Richter, Heiko Of the State’s Business: Merger Review in Digital Markets GRUR Int 71, 9 (2022), 791 - 792.

Contributions to collected editions

Hilty, Reto M. Traditional Knowledge, Databases and Prior Art: Options for an Effective Defensive Use of TK against undue Patent Granting in: Irini Stamatoudi (Hg.), Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and Cultural Heritage, Edward Elgar Publishing, Northampton, MA, USA; Cheltenham, UK 2022, 132 - 153 (gemeinsam mit Pedro Henrique D. Batista, Suelen Carls).

Journal articles

Picht, Peter Georg EU Digital Regulation 2022: Data Desiderata GRUR Int 71, 5 (2022), 395 - 402 (gemeinsam mit Heiko Richter).

Contributions to festschriften

Lewinski, Silke von L'intelligence artificielle et le droit d’auteur in: Entre art et technique: les dynamiques du droit. Mélanges en l’honneur de Pierre Sirinelli, Dalloz, Paris 2022, 141 - 156.

Further Publications, Press Articles, Interviews

Hilty, Reto M. Patent Rights in Pandemic Times Highlights from the Yearbook of the Max Planck Society 2021 (2022), 26 - 27 (gemeinsam mit Suelen Carls, Daria Kim).

Journal articles

Herrmann, Liza Scalper Bots – Ein Beispiel für die Divergenz von gewollter Automatisierung & rechtlichen Grenzen Computer und Recht 38, 6 (2022), 356 - 364.

Journal articles

Lewinski, Silke von The implementation of the Digital Single Market Directive of 2019 in Germany RIDA 271, 1 (2022), 57 - 99.


Lamping, Matthias (Hg.) A Critical Mind - Hanns Ullrich’s Footprint in Internal Market Law, Antitrust and Intellectual Property (forthcoming) (MPI Studies on Intellectual Property and Competition Law), Springer, Berlin; Heidelberg 2022 (gemeinsam mit Christine Godt).

Collected editions

Correa, Carlos (Hg.) Access to Medicines and Vaccines - Implementing Flexibilities Under Intellectual Property Law Springer, Cham (Switzerland) 2022, X + 369 S. (gemeinsam mit Reto M. Hilty).

Contributions to collected editions

Correa, Carlos Preface in: Carlos Correa, Reto M. Hilty (Hg.), Access to Medicines and Vaccines - Implementing Flexibilities Under Intellectual Property Law, Springer, Cham (Switzerland) 2022, V - VII (gemeinsam mit Reto M. Hilty).