Seminar  |  07/10/2014 | 12:00 PM  –  01:30 PM

Brown Bag Seminar: Economic Impacts of Intellectual Property on the Competitiveness in International Trade

Andreas Bielig (Warsaw School of Economics)

Current economic analyses of intellectual property regimes on international trade reveal ambiguous results, suggesting a general positive impact on trade flows but with strong dependence on the status of trade openness, national innovation system, qualitative development level of industrial structures or the focussed industrial sectors. This project targets on the analysis of factors which influence the impact of intellectual property on international trade competitiveness of economies, industrial sectors or enterprises. It focuses on the integrated analysis of relevant determinants in four areas: 1. factors of national innovation system, 2. structures of intellectual property protection policies and strategies applied by economic subjects, 3. factors of innovation and competition conduct, and 4. factors of competitive position in international trade. The project analyses export orientated sectors of the German economy at the aggregated national and disaggregated sectoral level and selected multinational enterprises between 2004 and 2014.