Seminar  |  03/27/2014 | 12:00 PM  –  01:30 PM

Brown Bag Seminar: Patent Aggregation

Nikolaus Thumm (European Commission Expert Group on Patent Aggregation)

Nikolaus Thumm is chairman of the European Commision Expert Group on Patent Aggregation. This group was convened by the European Commission to investigate whether there is a need for a European Commission intervention to foster the development of IP markets, in particular through aggregation of patents, with a focus on patent pools and funds. The premise is that some patents would be more valuable, or would be more likely to be used, if they were aggregated, that is, if patents belonging to different owners were gathered together in such a way that single entities or groups could act as licensors of all the patents, or of as many of them as might attract the attention of potential licensees. The development of the market in patents and licences should be understood as the enhanced application of patents and licences to drive innovation as well as maximise returns to entities that are actively engaged in R&D, in particular small and medium sized entities, that may not have the marketing and legal potential to fully exploit and enforce their individual or limited number of patents.