Award  |  08/15/2018

AoM Award for Laurie Ciaramella

The Trade and Relocation of Intellectual Property Rights: Laurie Ciaramella’s thesis contributes to the understanding of markets for patents.

Photo: Laurie Ciaramella, AoM Best Dissertation Award Finalist

On 13 August 2018, Laurie Ciaramella received the AoM Best Dissertation Award Finalists for her thesis “Trade and Relocation of Intellectual Property: Essays on the Markets for Patents” during the Technology and Innovation Management Division Meeting of the Academy of Management in Chicago.

For her thesis, Laurie Ciaramella uses in-depth empirical analysis to explore understudied aspects of the markets for patents, on which firms exchange intangible assets that provide them with a temporary monopoly right on a technology. The main approach is an empirical microeconomic analysis, which is complemented using insights from economic theory, understanding of the law and tax subtleties of the patent system, and knowledge regarding the management of Intellectual Property assets by firms.

The thesis contributes to the understanding of the markets for patents, by highlighting novel motives for their use, by emphasizing firms’ strategies regarding the management of their Intellectual Property assets, and by providing original evidence on the scope and dynamics of these markets, as well as on unexplored sources for their malfunctioning.

Laurie Ciaramella graduated at MINES ParisTech. Her thesis was supervised by Yann Ménière and Catalina Martinez. Since December 2017, Laurie Ciaramella is Senior Research Fellow at the department Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research.