Miscellaneous  |  03/09/2022

The Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition Is Committed to Support Ukrainian Researchers

Both the legal and economic departments of the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition offer to support Ukrainian researchers fleeing from war in their home country. We also invite Ukrainian researchers to turn to us whose stipend or employment abroad ended recently and who are now looking for a way to continue their research outside Ukraine. The Institute provides office space, access to the library, a stipend for at least six months (extendable), and support for searching accommodation.

Scholars with a background or interest in Competition Law, Intellectual Property Law, Innovation Economics or Entrepreneurship Research should reach out to scienceforukraine(at)ip.mpg.de. This applies to doctoral students and established scientists alike.

Update from 4 May 2022

Since the publication of this information, numerous applications have been submitted. So far, eight scientists have been welcomed to the Institute. Two people are now conducting research in the department of Reto M. Hilty, and three each in the department of Josef Drexl and the department of Dietmar Harhoff. In addition to integration at the Institute, team members have helped with interpreting, finding a kindergarten place, organizing school places, and finding housing for the researchers and their relatives. In total, seven relatives, including five children, accompany the refugees. To strengthen contacts with and among the new colleagues, excursions were organized and the guests were even invited privately to an Easter brunch. All of this cannot make the cruel war in Ukraine forgotten, but hopefully it will make it a little easier for the newly arrived to settle into their new environment.