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Enforcing Chinese Antimonopoly Law in the Internet Industry: The Case of, the “Chinese Google”

Dr. Zhongmei Wang, Thomas Hoffmann


Enforcing EU Trade Marks in Court – How ‘Unified’ is the System?

 Panagiota Geraka


Ensuring Access to Published Research: in Search for a Principled and Feasible Approach

Dr. Valentina Moscon


Entrepreneurial Spawning in Turbulent Times: Evidence from the Decline of Nokia in Finland

Dr. Magdalena Streicher


Entry Analysis in Latin American Competition Law Enforcement – Why Development Matters

Francisco Beneke


Essays on Business Acceleration and Entrepreneurship

Dr. Magdalena Streicher


Essays on Corporate Innovation and the Public Sector

Felix Pöge


Essays On Entrepreneurship and Contests Using Experiments

Jonas Heite


Essays on Technology Change in Health Care and Pharmaceutical Markets

Dennis Byrski


Essays on the Economics of Patents

Dr. Stefan Sorg