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Conference Data as a Window to Scientific and Innovation Communities

Dr. Stefano H. Baruffaldi (MPI and University of Bath)


Contracts for Sharing Data and Models for the Development of AI – A Project of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence

Josef Drexl, Lee Tiedrich (Duke University), Daria Kim, Jörg Hoffmann


Coordination of Intellectual Property Law with the New European Data Law

Prof. Dr. Josef Drexl, Dr. Valentina Moscon, Dr. Heiko Richter


Corporate Innovation: The Role of Scientific Discoveries, Taxation, and Antitrust

Felix Poege


Creation and Recycling of Entrepreneurial Resources: Empirical Essays on the Importance of Social Processes in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Aaron Merlin Defort


CRISPR/Cas Technology, Innovation and Regulation

Reto M. Hilty, Pedro Henrique D. Batista, Ezgi Ediboğlu Sakowsky, Tobias Endrich-Laimböck, Elisabeth Hofmeister, Daria Kim, Matthias Lamping, Peter R. Slowinski, Miriam Steinhart


Cross-Border Commuters and Knowledge Diffusion

Dr. Rainer Widmann, Dr. Gabriele Cristelli (Stanford University)


Data Access Rights and the EU Data Act

Prof. Dr. Josef Drexl, Carolina Banda, Yiqiong Chen, Dr. Begoña González Otero, Jörg Hoffmann, Dr. Daria Kim, Shraddha Kulhari, Rui Li, Charlotte Masselot, Dr. Valentina Moscon, Dr. Heiko Richter, Dr. Klaus Wiedemann


Data Governance in Emerging Economies to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Josef Drexl, Carolina Banda, Begoña González Otero, Germán Oscar Johannsen, Jörg Hoffmann, Shraddha Kulhari


Der Missbrauch einer kollektiven marktbeherrschenden Stellung in der digitalen Wirtschaft

Zhiren Xu