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Promoting ‘Competition-in-Innovation’ through effective merger control in the ICT sector: A Transatlantic Study

Kalpana Tyagi


Promoting fair access to and sharing of health data collected by IoT (mHealth) devices: striking a balance between data protection, competition and innovation

Carolina Banda


Promoting Innovations of SMEs through a Second-Tier Protection System in South Asian Economies - Exploring a Model for Sri Lanka

Nishantha Sampath Punchi Hewage


Promoting Sustainable Innovation in Plant Varieties: The Case of Pulses Seeds in India

Mrinalini Kochupillai


Protecting Innovation Competition in Merger Review: A Comparative Assessment of different Theoretical Approaches

Benjamin René Kern


Protecting Personality Rights of Local and Indigenous Communities: a Case Study of the Maasai

Eliamani Isaya Laltaika


Protection of geographical indications in the context of world trade: dispute between the States of the "Old" and the "New" World

Dr. Sonja Lucic


Protection of Traditional Knowledge of Indigenous and Local Communities and their Relationship with the WIPO Instruments and Nagoya Protocol. Comparative Studies on Megadiversity Countries

Zulay Poggi


Raub oder Revolution? – Begründung und Berechtigung einer Pauschalvergütung für über das Internet verfügbar gemachte Werke

Seyavash Amini


Re-visiting the EU standardization legal framework in the open source era: a quest for adaptation.

Carlos Muñoz Ferrandis