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Balancing Rights in the Digital Age: the Case of Copyright vs. Personal Data Protection

Dr. Federica Giovanella


Big Data, Databases and “Ownership” Rights in the Cloud: A New Contractual Framework

Marcelo Corrales


Biopiraterie: neue Grenzen für das Patentrecht?

Pedro Henrique Dias Batista


Boundaries of Control over Authorised Communication of a Work: Copyright’s Exclusivity Colliding with Consumer Rights, Innovation and Competition

Liliia Oprysk


BRICS Countries: A New Source for International IP law? The Case of Pharmaceutical Patents

Irina Weissert


Bridging the Gap between the Intellectual Property Regime and Clean Technology Transfer

Zhongfa Ma 


Brückenschläge im Know-how Schutz – eine rechtsbereichsübergreifende Untersuchung von Verdinglichungen im Know-how Schutz aus rechtsökonomischer Perspektive

Michael Dorner


Business Acceleration: A Game Changer for Entrepreneurial Ventures?

Dr. Magdalena Streicher


Commercialization of the Surname in Fashion Law

Dr. Joanna Buchalska


Comparative Study of Geographical Indications in India & EU: Policy for Implementation and Way Forward

Dr. Gargi Chakrabarti