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Trade Secrets and Employee Mobility: in Search for an Equilibrium

Magdalena Kolasa


Trademark Rights and Consumer Perception – The Tension Between a Normative and an Empirical Assessment of Consumer Perception in EU Trademark Law

Lotte Anemaet


Transcending the Shortcomings of Open Innovation

Alina Wernick


Translation Accuracy and Dissemination of Disclosure of Patent Information: An Analysis of Translation and its influence on Patent Law

Aline Larroyed


TRIPS 94 plus 20 – Beyond Trade Rules

Dr. Prof. Dr. Hanns Ullrich,  Prof. Dr. Reto M. Hilty, Dr. Matthias Lamping, Prof. Dr. Christoph Antons,  Dr. Mor Bakhoum, Dr. Klaus Dieter, Beiter, Dr. Beatriz Conde Gallego,  Prof. Dr. William Cornish, Prof. Dr. Josef Drexl, Seth Ericsson,  Prof. Dr. Christophe Geiger, Dr. Henning Grosse Ruse-Khan, Prof. Dr. Frauke Henning-Bodewig 


Unfair Competition Relating to Misappropriation

Wenmin Wang


Unjustified Threats of Patent Infringement -Intellectual Property Approach or Unfair Competition Approach?

Minyu Zheng


Unlautere Geschäftspraktiken und Zivilrecht

Dr. Alberto De Franceschi


Unlauterer Wettbewerb im deutschen und französischen Recht im Lichte der europäischen Harmonisierung

Cécile Ridderbusch


Upstream-Patents in Nanotechnology. A Comparison between Europe and the US

Marius Fischer