Seminar  |  07.10.2016 | 14:00  –  15:30

Brown Bag-Seminar: Using Crowds to Crack Algorithmic Problems

Rinat Sergeev (Harvard University)

  • Introduction to Crowd Innovation Lab at Harvard, the Lab with a mission to study the contests, the crowds, and to use the crowds to crack challenges for NASA and Academia

  • The insights on crowdsourcing - advantages, trade-offs and niches

  • Algorithm and Data Science challenges as a sweet-spot of crowdsourcing - examples, results and stories

Dr. Rinat Sergeev is Senior Data Scientist & Chief Scientific Advisor at the Crowd Innovation Lab/NASA Tournament Lab at Harvard University. Rinat works as a head of data science team, and a lead science and technical expert on exploring and utilizing crowdsourcing approaches in application to the data science and algorithmic challenges, coming from NASA, Business, or Academia. Rinat received his PhD in Quantum Mechanics in Ioffe Institute, Saint Petersburg. His research interests include conceptual analysis, analytical approaches and models in multiple areas.