Seminar  |  27.02.2024 | 14:00  –  15:15

Science and Innovation During the War: Navigating Ukraine’s Recovery

Oleksandra Antoniuk (NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv Academic University, American University Kyiv)

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This seminar delves into the scientific resilience and collaborative partnerships in the context of Ukraine’s post-war recovery. Dr. Oleksandra Antoniouk, Chairwoman of the Scientific Committee of the National Council of Ukraine for Science and Technology Development, will explore the effect of armed conflict on scientific endeavors and the innovative strategies employed during times of adversity. The discussion will extend to recovery initiatives, focusing on the pivotal role of European partnerships in rebuilding scientific infrastructure and fostering economic rejuvenation.

The talk will address the impact of the war on scientific research and the subsequent challenges the scientific community faces. Insights into the innovative solutions that emerged during the conflict and their contribution to addressing immediate challenges will be presented. Furthermore, during the seminar, the strategies and collaborative efforts employed to restore and strengthen Ukraine’s research capabilities post-war will be discussed, with a specific emphasis on the support and involvement of European partners.

Key topics include the transfer of technology, the adaptation of existing innovations, and the economic revitalization brought about by scientific and technological advancements. Dr. Antoniouk will analyze the role of policies and governance structures in facilitating recovery, highlighting legislative measures to foster collaboration with European counterparts. The discussion will extend to the human capital aspect, exploring strategies for attracting and retaining skilled researchers, as well as educational initiatives to nurture the next generation of scientific leaders. By focusing on the Ukrainian experience and its European partnership, the seminar will provide valuable insights into the multifaceted strategies required for post-war economic rejuvenation through science and innovation.

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Contact person: Anatasiia Lutsenko