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"Freier Werkgenuss"? - Die Bewertung der bestimmungsgemäßen Nutzung im Urheberrecht anhand einer vergleichenden immaterialgüterrechtlichen Betrachtung (AT)

Ansgar Kaiser


A Comparative Analysis of Music Copyright Reform

Prof. Dr. Qi Xiong


A Comparative Study on the Free Use Policies of Public Works

Kim Kwangsik ,


A Critical Overview of the Latest Judicial Developments of the ECJ and the Actual problems Related to the Supplementary Protection Certificate

Georgia Roussou


A Firm Scientific Community

Felix Pöge, Dr. Stefano H. Baruffaldi (MPI und University of Bath)


A Judicial Approach to the Grant of Exemptions to Administrative Monopolies in Chinese Competition Law – With Comparative Reference to Article 106(2) TFEU

Xue Gan


A Patent Use Exemption for User-Generated Innovation. The Maker Movement Meets Patent Law.

Natalia Łukaszewicz


A Self-regulatory Model for Interoperability and Data Portability on Cloud Platforms

Jeniffer Rodriguez


A Triple Balance Between Access to Health, Individual Profit-Seeking and Economic Growth: The Case of Biopharmaceutical Patents in Argentina, Brazil and India

Tilman Quarch


Access to Data and International Economic Law

Maria Vasquez Callo