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Die Konkurrenz von Urheberrecht und Lauterkeitsrecht im Binnenmarkt

Timmy Pielmeier


Digitizing Dissertation Data: Annual Directories of Publications at German Universities (1885–1987)

Michael E. Rose, Ph.D.


Direct Remuneration to Creators and Performers

Valentina Moscon, Reto M. Hilty, National Rapporteurs



Michael E. Rose, Ph.D., Dr. Co-Pierre Georg (University of Cape Town), Daniel C. Opolot, Ph.D. (University of Cape Town)


Economic Self-Determination of Market Actors as Data Governance Concept: The Example of Digital Payment Services

Jörg Hoffmann


Enforcing and Trading Patents – Evidence for Europe

Fabian Gaessler


Essays on Applications of Machine Learning to Science, Patent, and Economic Data

Sebastian Erhardt, M.Sc.


Essays on Behavioral Aspects of Knowledge Production, Interpersonal Knowledge Exchange, and Gender Disparities

Svenja Friess, M.Sc.


Essays on Corporate Innovation and the Public Sector

Felix Pöge


Essays on Innovation Economics

Kathrin Wernsdorf, M.Sc.