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Anticompetitive Innovation: the Case of Blocking Patents

Gabriele Venskaityte


Anwaltswerbung zwischen Markt und Regulierung in Deutschland, England und der Europäischen Union

Matthias Ringer


Apprehending Patent Pledges through the Lens of EU Competition Law

Dr. Natacha Estèves


Artificial Intelligence and Copyright Law: a Net of Authorship Claims

Alina Yordanova Trapova


Assessment of Per se Unlawful Vertical Agreements under Competition Law

Darius Miniotas


Balancing Rights in the Digital Age: the Case of Copyright vs. Personal Data Protection

Dr. Federica Giovanella


Big Data, Databases and “Ownership” Rights in the Cloud: A New Contractual Framework

Marcelo Corrales


Boundaries of Control over Authorised Communication of a Work: Copyright’s Exclusivity Colliding with Consumer Rights, Innovation and Competition

Liliia Oprysk


BRICS Countries: A New Source for International IP law? The Case of Pharmaceutical Patents

Irina Weissert


Bridging the Gap between the Intellectual Property Regime and Clean Technology Transfer

Zhongfa Ma