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Rebalancing Incentive Paradigm – In Search of Utility Model Protection for India

Anirban Mazumder


Rechtsvergleichende Untersuchung des brasilianischen und europäischen Kartellrechts mit Schwerpunkt auf den Technologietransfer

Fernanda Forato Simon


Reconciliation of Interests in Copyright Law in the Digital Era-A New Perspective from China

Yong Wan


Reconstructing Copyright Limitations and Exceptions in the Digital Network Age: the Enlightenment from the Law and Practice of Developed Societies to China’s Digital Copyright Reform

Jie Hua


Reform of Copyright Law for Information Flow, Development of Media Industry in the New-media Age: A Comparative Perspective

Dr. Tieguang Liu


Reframing Intellectual Property Rights in Biobanks

Jurate Breimelyte


Regulating for Competition in the Liberalised Telecommunications Sector in Sub Saharan Africa: A Case Study of Uganda

Rachel Alemu


Regulation of the Data Economy in Emerging Economies

Prof. Dr. Josef Drexl, Dr. Begoña G. Otero, Carolina Banda, Jörg Hoffmann, Germán Johannsen, Shraddha Kulhari


Regulation of the Data Economy in Emerging Economies – Agriculture and Financial Services

Prof. Dr. Josef Drexl, Dr. Mor Bakhoum, Jörg Hoffmann, Dr. Begoña G. Otero, Dr. Minata Saar


Regulierung der Digitalen Wirtschaft

Prof. Dr. Josef Drexl,  Prof. Dr. Reto M. Hilty, Carolina Banda, Francisco Beneke, Luc Desaunettes-Barbero, Dr. Michèle Finck, LL.M., Jure Globocnik, Dr. Begoña Gonzalez Otero, Jörg Hoffmann, Daria Kim‎, Shraddha Kulhari, Michael Mertel,  Heiko Richter, Stefan Scheuerer, Peter R. Slowinski, Jannick Thonemann, Klaus Wiedemann