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The International Regulation of Transborder Data Flows

Philipp Fischer


The Interoperability Debate on Copyright in Computer Programs: Solutions Provided by German Law and Other Issues of European Interest

Begoña González Otero


The interplay between NFTs, Copyright and Art Law

a.o. Prof. Dr. Iza Razija Mesevic


The Intersections among Intellectual Property, Competition and Consumer Law in the Digital Environment

Prof. Dr. Josef Drexl, Andrea Stazi


The Inventive Concept in Patent Law

Julia Powles


The Law of Unilateral Restraints and Market Dominance in Sub-Saharan African Countries: Case Study of South Africa, Zambia and Ethiopia

Zecharias Fassil Berhe


The Legal Impact of Employment Relationship on Intellectual Property Rights

Eda Çataklar


The Legal Legitimacy of Behavioural Control of Natural Persons through State Social Scoring – A Comparative Legal Analysis between the EU and China

Anja Geller


The Legal Protection of Verbal Elements within Industrial Design



The Need to Re-define the Protection Thresholds in Copyright Law. Cumulative Protection of Designs and Works of Applied Art

Jakub Kepinski