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The Open Source Software Paradigm

Vikrant Narayan Vasudeva


The Optimal Amount of Economics in Antitrust Adjudication

Dr. Jan Broulik


The Patent Act and The Development of Stem Cell Research in Indonesia (Is A Patent System The Only Legal Instrument To Develop Stem Cell Research?)

Tomi Suryo Utomo


The Patentability of Financial Products

Marco Bellia


The Public Dimension of Private Antitrust Enforcement: A Public Policy Approach

Leonardo Peixoto Barbosa


The Relationship between Law and Biomedical Sciences in the Context of Art. 53 (a) of the European Patent Convention

Dr. Jurgita Randakeviciute


The Right of Transformation in the Spanish Copyright Law

Marc Simon Altaba


The Role of Intellectual Property for Clean Technology Development in the European legal framework.

Marisa Aranda


The Role of Patents and Intellectual Property Law in South Africa for Biotechnological Innovation Sustainable Development

Ugreson Maistry


The Role of the Modern Patent System in the Protection of Global Values: Environment and Health – a Comparative Study

Agnieszka Machnicka