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The Role of Tradition and Innovation among EU GI Products and Sustainable Pathways within the GI Scheme

Alessandro Gocci


The Trans-Frontier Management of Musical Rights in Europe: A European Regulation of Territoriality

Anne-Catherine Lorrain


The TRIPS Agreement and Low-carbon Technology Transfer

Wei Zhuang


The Use of Trade Marks in Keyword Advertising - Evaluating the Adequacy of the Trade Mark Directive’s Infringement Criteria

Nicole van der Laan


Towards a European Law of Exploitation Contracts of IP Rights?: Essay on the Prospective (Re)construction of the Actual Legal Framework in a European Perspective

Theodoros Chiou


Towards a Real Compensatory Policy for Illegal Monopolistic Behaviour

Gustavo Andrés Martín Martín


Trade Mark Right Against Goods Destined For Export?

Lizhou Wei


Trade Secrets and Employee Mobility: in Search for an Equilibrium

Magdalena Kolasa


Trademark Rights and Consumer Perception – The Tension Between a Normative and an Empirical Assessment of Consumer Perception in EU Trademark Law

Lotte Anemaet


Transcending the Shortcomings of Open Innovation

Alina Wernick