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Brückenschläge im Know-how Schutz – eine rechtsbereichsübergreifende Untersuchung von Verdinglichungen im Know-how Schutz aus rechtsökonomischer Perspektive

Michael Dorner


Business Data Portability: A case for mandatory data porting in Cloud Ser vices?

Jeniffer Rodriguez


Challenges of Algorithm Recommendation Technology: Data Privacy and Copyright Protection

REN Anqi


Commercialization of the Surname in Fashion Law

Dr. Joanna Buchalska


Comparative Study of Geographical Indications in India & EU: Policy for Implementation and Way Forward

Dr. Gargi Chakrabarti


Comparative Study on Collective Redress in Competition and Consumer Protection Law between EU and China

Dr. Xiaoliang Fan


Competition in Innovation: Strategies in the Creation and Exploitation of Innovations in the Light of Competition Law

Prof. Dr. Eugenio Olmedo Peralta


Competition Law as Industrial Policy: a Comparative Analysis of Merger Control Remedies in Emerging Powers

Yi Shin Tang


Competition Structure of IP Market – Analytical Framework for Assessment

Dong Tao


Compulsory Licensing of Patented Pharmaceuticals: A Cross-National Study of Developing Countries

Vu Van Anh Le