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Commercialization of the Surname in Fashion Law

Dr. Joanna Buchalska


Comparative Study of Geographical Indications in India & EU: Policy for Implementation and Way Forward

Dr. Gargi Chakrabarti


Comparative Study on Collective Redress in Competition and Consumer Protection Law between EU and China

Dr. Xiaoliang Fan


Competition in Innovation: Strategies in the Creation and Exploitation of Innovations in the Light of Competition Law

Prof. Dr. Eugenio Olmedo Peralta


Competition Law as Industrial Policy: a Comparative Analysis of Merger Control Remedies in Emerging Powers

Yi Shin Tang


Competition Structure of IP Market – Analytical Framework for Assessment

Dong Tao


Compulsory Licensing of Patented Pharmaceuticals: A Cross-National Study of Developing Countries

Vu Van Anh Le


Compulsory Licensing on Climate-Related Technologies: An Unanswered Question

Lívia Regina Batista


Confluence of International Investment Law and Patent Law and its Consequent Effects on Pharmaceutical Innovation

Ivan Stepanov


Contemporary Challenges of the Legal Protection of Scientific Works – at the Crossroads Between the Copyright Monopoly and Self-Regulation in Science

Katarina Krapež