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The Future of Germany’s Hidden Champions in Times of Digital Transformation

Daniel Wittenstein


The Impact of Incentives on Creativity

Dr. Marco Kleine


The Impact of Language on Creativity, Change and Collaboration

Dr. Marco Kleine, Dr. Stefan Nothelfer


The Influence of EU Competition Law on the Moroccan Competition Law

Amine Mansour


The Integrity Right of Authors: A Comparative Study

Yanbing Li


The Intellectual Property Rights on Distinctive Signs in the European Union and Ukraine

Valentyna Kryzhna


The Interaction between Competition Law and Corporate Governance: Opening the “black box” of the firm

Dr. Florence Thepot


The Interface of Competition Law and Industrial and Development Policy – The Case of South Africa

Balthasar Strunz


The Interoperability Debate on Copyright in Computer Programs: Solutions Provided by German Law and Other Issues of European Interest

Begoña González Otero


The Intersections among Intellectual Property, Competition and Consumer Law in the Digital Environment

Prof. Dr. Josef Drexl, Andrea Stazi