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The Right of Transformation in the Spanish Copyright Law

Marc Simon Altaba


The Role of Intellectual Property for Clean Technology Development in the European legal framework.

Marisa Aranda


The Role of Patents and Intellectual Property Law in South Africa for Biotechnological Innovation Sustainable Development

Ugreson Maistry


The Role of the Modern Patent System in the Protection of Global Values: Environment and Health – a Comparative Study

Agnieszka Machnicka


The Role of Tradition and Innovation among EU GI Products and Sustainable Pathways within the GI Scheme

Alessandro Gocci


The Selection of Patents for Litigation

Dr. Stefan Sorg


The Trans-Frontier Management of Musical Rights in Europe: A European Regulation of Territoriality

Anne-Catherine Lorrain


The TRIPS Agreement and Low-carbon Technology Transfer

Wei Zhuang


The Use of Trade Marks in Keyword Advertising - Evaluating the Adequacy of the Trade Mark Directive’s Infringement Criteria

Nicole van der Laan


Time Pressure and Regret in Sequential Search

Dr. Felix Klimm (LMU), Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Martin Kocher (Universität Wien), Timm Opitz, Dr. Simeon Schudy (LMU)