Immaterialgüter- und Wettbewerbsrecht

Competition and Intellectual Property Law in Ukraine

Richter, Heiko (Hg.)Competition and Intellectual Property Law in Ukraine (MPI Studies on Intellectual Property and Competition Law, 31), Springer, Berlin; Heidelberg 2023, XXI + 605 S.

This volume provides the most comprehensive contemporary academic writing on Ukrainian competition and intellectual property law in English. Especially over the last few years, these areas have been in considerable flux, a main driver being the EU–Ukraine Association Agreement. The chapters cover a broad range of different topics and share a forward-looking perspective. They also outline the basic background that is necessary to understand the context of the issue discussed, especially with regards to the legal system of Ukraine. The publication is the result of a two-year project, and it is addressed to a wide range of international scholars, practitioners, and policy makers. It aims to make the state-of-the-art in Ukrainian legal scholarship visible and accessible to the international research community and to stimulate global debates in academia and politics. Therefore, it may be of interest and use to anyone who is interested in competition and intellectual property law, and/or in Ukraine.

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