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EU Digital Regulation 2022: Data Desiderata

Picht, Peter GeorgEU Digital Regulation 2022: Data Desiderata GRUR Int 71, 5 (2022), 395 - 402 (gemeinsam mit Heiko Richter).

With the drafts of the Digital Markets Act (DMA), the Digital Services Act (DSA) and the Data Governance Act (DGA), the EU Commission presented three cornerstones of its digital regulation approach in November and December of 2020. This article looks at data transactions and focuses on four aspects which illustrate that the proposed Acts leave ample room for improvement in terms of the coherence and specificity of their respective rules: the specificity of data-related provisions; the role of FRAND in the Package context; the role of data intermediaries; and the upcoming Data Act. Beyond diagnosis, the article calls for an integrative approach and proposes improvements. It aims to spark a more intense discourse on data transactions under the Package.

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Also published under the title: The Proposed EU Digital Services Regulation 2020: Data Desiderata as Max Planck Institute for Innovation & Competition Research Paper No. 21-21