Immaterialgüter- und Wettbewerbsrecht

Proposal for a Global Regulation of Digital Sequence Information

Batista, Pedro Henrique D.Proposal for a Global Regulation of Digital Sequence Information (Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition Research Paper, No. 24-10 ), 2024, 30 S.

The increasing use of information on digital genetic sequences (digital sequence information-DSI) in biotechnological products and services rekindles discussions about the effective protection of rights over of genetic resources within the scope of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the Nagoya Protocol (NP). After a long controversy, the United Nations Environment Programme is moving towards adopting a multilateral mechanism for sharing benefits that arise from the use of DSI. However, an agreement by the Contracting Parties on its concrete design still seems to be distant. This article presents reasons for this development at the international level and proposes a model for the global regulation of DSI that not only combines efficient procedures with the objectives of the CBD and the NP, but also allows integration with multilateral mechanisms of other international treaties.

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