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Smart Urban Mobility as a Regulatory Challenge

Finck, MicheleSmart Urban Mobility as a Regulatory Challenge in: Michele Finck et al. (Hg.), Smart Urban Mobility - Law, Regulation, and Policy (MPI Studies on Intellectual Property and Competition Law, 29), Springer, Berlin 2020, 1 - 17 (gemeinsam mit Matthias Lamping et al.).

The ‘smart city’ has become shorthand for developments in technology that influence how cities are organised and how citizens coexist in them. ‘Smart mobility’, one of its most visible sub-domains, has been considerably affected by ecological, demographic and economic pressures. Emerging methods of transporta-
tion and innovative business models can overcome old problems, but they also pose
new societal, economic and legal challenges. This introduction aims to shed light on
the law, regulation and policy of ‘smart urban mobility’ by critically examining its
substantial transformation from a regulatory perspective. It outlines the notion of the
‘smart city’, highlights trends in ‘smart’ urban mobility, points to related legal
challenges and explains the conception and chapters of this book.

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