Event Report  |  01/15/2021

RISE3 Workshop 2020 – Two Days of Intense Scientific Exchange for Young Scholars

On 17 and 18 December 2020, 40 international young researchers from over 25 universities across Europe, the US and Canada attended the 3rd Research in Innovation, Science and Entrepreneurship Workshop (RISE3).

For the third time now, the two-day event was organized by Ph.D. students and Postdocs of the Department for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research to give young scholars the opportunity to present and discuss their work.

On the first day, the workshop was kicked off with a session on Intellectual Property Rights, followed by sessions on Science of Science and Individuals in the Knowledge Economy. Speakers presented research findings related to the strategic drafting of patents, trademark enforcement and counterfeiting, the effect of government funding on follow-on innovation, and voluntary employee representation and its effects on innovation. The final presentation of the day shed light on the gender innovation gap by analyzing gender differential responses to early patent rejections.

The highlight of the first day was the keynote speech by Rosemarie Ziedonis and Sina Khoshoskhan who presented results on “Forty Years of Research on Intellectual Property and Innovation: Dominant Themes and New Horizons”. An interactive discussion emerged on what makes a scientific paper interesting, stand the test of time, and be considered at the frontier of its field.

The second day offered interesting insights on Firms and Innovation, Takeovers and Investment, as well as AI and Innovation. Young scholars presented research on the global innovation strategies of multinational firms, the impact of common ownership on markups, the innovation effects of killer acquisitions, and the effect of angel investments on corporate innovation. In the last session, the researchers focused on who is shaping AI given the differential access to computing power, and on the barriers to growth firms encounter in developing AI.

See the complete program with all topics here and find the coverage on Twitter under #RISE3Workshop.

The RISE workshop series aims at stimulating a rigorous in-depth discussion of a selected number of research papers by Ph.D. students and Junior Postdocs, providing feedback and connecting with peers from other research institutions. Accordingly, the workshop brings together young researchers from all over Europe and the US with researchers from the Munich Innovation Community.

We thank all participants, including the keynote speakers, discussants and presenters for a truly outstanding RISE3 Workshop 2020. Our special thanks go to the organizing team, especially to Cristina Rujan, Timm Opitz, Kathrin Wernsdorf, and Felix Poege. With great enthusiasm and motivation, we look forward to the RISE4 Workshop 2021 ‒ then hopefully again in person at the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition in Munich.