Immaterialgüter- und Wettbewerbsrecht

Shaping Europe’s Digital Future: Rethinking EU Copyright and Related Rights Remuneration Mechanisms for Outputs Generated by Artificial Intelligence Systems

The dissertation advocates for fair and equitable remuneration for copyright-protected works used to train Generative AI (GenAI) systems, thereby preserving human creativity and artistic expression. It recommends the establishment of remuneration mechanisms in line with Article 4 of the EU Directive on Copyright and Related Rights in the Digital Single Market (CDSM Directive) and collective licensing to establish a robust remuneration regime in the fragmented EU copyright harmonization. The research further investigates the compatibility of the proposed remuneration scheme with the core justifications for copyright protection and the foundational principles of the arts.



Artha Dermawan


Dr. Daria Kim


Prof. Rosa Ballardini, LL.M, Ph.D (University of Lapland),
Adj. Prof. Dr. Péter Mezei (University of Szeged)


I.4 Fairness als Rechtsprinzip

II.1 Technologiegetriebene Märkte