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Michael E. Rose scanning a directory
Study  |  07/22/2022

How Amateur Genealogists Support Research – A Citizen Science Project

Together with Germany’s largest association for family research, the Verein für Computergenealogie, the Institute is conducting a digitization project to collect data with the help of amateur genealogists. The data from over 100 volumes of annual directories of writings published at German universities and higher education institutions open up many new, exciting research questions.

Opinion  |  07/05/2022

Position Statement on the Decision of the WTO Ministerial Conference on the TRIPS Agreement

On 17 June 2022, the WTO Ministerial Conference adopted a long-awaited decision on the TRIPS Agreement. The Decision has not waived any intellectual property rights as such, as proposed by India and South Africa in October 2020. Instead, it mainly clarifies the application of the existing TRIPS flexibilities. As a follow-up to its earlier Position Statement, the Institute issued a paper that outlines the legal and practical implications of the Decision.

Heiko Richter, Shraddha Kulhari, Carolina Banda, Daria Kim, Valentina Moscon, Josef Drexl, Jörg Hoffmann, Klaus Wiedemann, Begoña Gonzalez Otero (v.l.n.r.)
Opinion  |  06/14/2022

Position Statement on the EU Data Act

Data generated through the use of digital services and products offer enormous economic potential. The EU Data Act is intended to regulate access to and use of such data. But does the current legislative proposal ensure that the interests of all stakeholders are adequately taken into account? A research group at the Institute has analyzed this question and written a comprehensive position statement on the subject.


Institute News

Impression of the workshop „Shaping the Internet for the Future“
Event Report  |  07/20/2022

Shaping the Internet for the Future – Workshop on Net Neutrality

On 24 and 25 June, the Institute organized a two-day workshop to discuss the issue of net neutrality rules, to which relevant stakeholders were invited. The workshop also addressed the broader question of shaping an Internet for the future capable of harnessing the full social welfare potential of the Internet.

Attendants of the Munich Summer Institute 2022 in the in Grand Hall at the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, Munich
Event Report  |  07/08/2022

Munich Summer Institute 2022 – Finally Back in Presence!

For the first time since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Munich Summer Institute took place again as an in-person event from 8 to 10 June 2022. After more than two years of countless virtual meetings, the organizers were particularly pleased to welcome the MSI community back live in Munich. 120 attendants experienced three days of interdisciplinary research with three keynote lectures, 17 full paper presentations as well as 34 poster slam presentations.


Recent Publications

Intellectual Property and Competition Law

Research Papers

Blasetti, Roxana CarmenDistinctive Signs for Collective Use in Latin America: Development Promotion by Valuing Origin and Quality (Max Planck Institute for Innovation & Competition Research Paper, 22-15), 2022, 131 S. (gemeinsam mit Suelen Carls, Pedro Henrique D. Batista).


Hilty, Reto M.Position Statement of 5 July 2022 on the Decision of the WTO Ministerial Conference on the TRIPS Agreement adopted on 17 June 2022 2022, 8 S. (gemeinsam mit Daria Kim et al.).

Research Papers

Richter, HeikoDigital Sequence Information between Benefit-Sharing and Open Data – How to Advance the Legal Framework (Max Planck Institute for Innovation & Competition Research Paper, No. 22-11), 2022, 34 S. (gemeinsam mit Irma Klünker).


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research

Discussion Papers

Rose, Michael; Reinsone, Sanita; Andriushchenko, Maksym; Bartosiak, Marcin; Bobak, Anna; Drury, Luke; Düring, Marten; Figueira, Inês; Gailīte, Elīna; Guimarães Abreu, Lucas; Gutierrez, Irene; Ivashchenko, Oleksandra; Heuckelom, Kris Van; Jaudzema, Justine; Jurikova, Katarina; Knörzer, Johannes; Kutafina, Ekaterina; Kwaśnicki, Mateusz; Lane, Hakan; Ļaksa-Timinska, Ilze; Laschowski, Brokoslaw; Lattu, Annina; Maci, Megi; Mäkinen-Rostedt, Katri; Maryl, Maciej; Meerbeek, Marten van; Morin, Olivier; Mosienko, Valentina; Palou Vilar, Vilar; Pauw, Karen De; Pelepets, Marina; Reinfelds, Matiss; Rujan, Cristina; Santybayeva, Zhanna; Skatova, Anya; Vita, Martin; Weaver, Ieva; Wnuk, Magdalena (2022). #ScienceForUkraine: an Initiative to Support the Ukrainian Academic Community. “3 months since Russia’s invasion in Ukraine”, February 26 – May 31, Max Planck Institute for Innovation & Competition Research Paper No. 22-13.

Discussion Papers

Kreyer, Ann-Christin; Wang, Lucy Xiaolu (2022). Collaborating Neuroscience Online: The Case of the Human Brain Project Forum, Max Planck Institute for Innovation & Competition Research Paper No. 22-10.

Discussion Papers

Wang, Lucy Xiaolu; Wilson, Nicholas (2022). U.S. State Approaches to Cannabis Licensing, Max Planck Institute for Innovation & Competition Research Paper No. 22-09.