Equal Opportunities

Gender Equality and Fairness

The main focus of our work to ensure equal opportunities is on gender equality. Despite the progress made in recent years, women are strongly underrepresented also in research institutions — especially in executive positions and committees. We strive to counteract this societal reality at the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition through our inclusive and fair working culture.

The Institute’s positive atmosphere forms a good base for further progress towards gender equality. We focus specifically on the following areas.

Raising Gender Awareness

Cultural transformation is a dynamic and ongoing process in our Institute. The awareness of diverse gender roles and gender identities in general, and also within the international research community, strengthens our teams and opens new perspectives. Approaches to equal opportunity, for instance, or the effects of one-sided notions of role models, are frequently discussed both in committee meetings and in informal talks. We enhance our gender competence via workshops and training measures, so as to understand where stereotypical expectations come from and how to defuse them.

Structural Anchoring of Equal Opportunities

Equal chances are not only a matter of awareness. They are a function of the concrete details of workflows, decision-making processes and of formal documents of the Institute. We employ transparent and inclusive application procedures to find the best candidate for a position. The Equal Opportunities Officer of the Institute participates in central committee meetings and selection procedures to guarantee a discrimination-free process. We regularly gather gender specific data and statistics to gauge our progress towards gender parity in all areas of the Institute.

Visibility and Recruiting of Women

We can do more than just provide good framework conditions for gender equality. We aim to permanently increase the percentage of women researchers at the Institute and to enhance their visibility within the scientific community. Our objective is gender parity, as is generally found at the student level in the fields of law and economics. Attractive working conditions and a well-functioning work-life balance are a central component of our strategy, as are specialized professional training and career planning.

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Gender Equality Officer

The Institute’s Gender Equality Officer and her deputy are the contact persons for all members of the Institute regarding questions of gender equality. They monitor operational processes and selection procedures of the Institute to ensure equal treatment, and they support and advise the Institute management.

Dr. Begoña Gonzalez Otero
Equal Opportunites Officer

Phone: +49 89 24246-429
Email: gleichstellung(at)ip.mpg.de

Hella Schuster
Deputy Equal Opportunities Officer

Phone: +49 89 24246-454
Email: gleichstellung(at)ip.mpg.de