Equal Opportunities


Careers are forged in networks — in research settings as elsewhere.

The Max Planck Society offers established networks as well as innovative structures to foster new networks.

Career Steps Network

Fostering talent, boosting careers, developing human resources, reconciliation of work an family life as well as equal chances – the Career Steps Network is about all these things. The network facilitates the two-way flow of information between the administrative headquarters and the Institutes. Simultaneously, it helps to convey the Institutes’ ideas and needs back into the community. It also provides the Institutes with a networking platform.

Further information: mpg.de/career/careersteps


An internal communication network within the Max Planck Society to connect, share and collaborate both within and across the Institutes.




Specifically for Women in Science

With our early-career programs and mentoring offers for women, we connect our emerging female scientists with strong professional networks and smooth the way for a successful career start and planning.

Sign Up! Careerbuilding

This program offers workshops, training exercises and conversations with established professionals over the course of a year, giving high-achieving women researchers the opportunity to hone their leadership skills and cultivate networks in their area.

Minerva FemmeNet

The network provides mentoring partnerships between junior scientists and experienced female scientists.

Webseite Minerva FemmeNet

Minerva LAW Network

The Minerva LAW Network intends to speak to those researchers who have legal training, are undertaking legal research, and are thinking of pursuing a career in law, broadly defined. 

Website Minerva LAW Network

External Networks

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